Steering group

A project as ambitious as the Cookhouse needs a strong and capable steering group and other voluntary helpers behind it. These are all local people willing to work hard together to bring the ideas to fruition and with the skills, experience and connections necessary.

If you want to be involved in any way, then please send me an email Just copy and paste these 4 questions and then supply your own answers.

Shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes. We can then suggest some tasks that you might like to consider as your contribution to making things happen:

  1. Tell me just three things you would want to get out of your involvement in the Liberty Cookhouse
  2. Tell me up to three skills/interests you can contribute (we need everything, big and very small contributions are welcome!!)
  3. Tell me the one big thing that would really satisfy you from your involvement
  4. Tell me would you rather work alone or as part of a small team (we can arrange tasks to fit people’s preferences and/or circumstances)

We currently have a very diverse group of people offering their time on a voluntary basis: