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What do we need?

It now looks like we have secured space in an excellent location to create a large kitchen and associated training and meeting areas and on very favourable terms too. That is a huge obstacle removed.

These images shows parts of the proposed space, ripe for conversion – effectively a blank canvas!

We still urgently need money, equipment and extra skills. In particular, we need people able to volunteer their help with financial planning, accountancy, PR & marketing, and beneficiary and funder research. One-off assistance or longer term equally welcome.

We also have a growing number of people supporting the idea and tho at the moment they are not necessarily inputting practically we hope that as the project moves forward then additional tasks will become available for these people to help with.

We have a Facebook Group which anyone can join – it’s a good way to keep up to date with what’s happening and, if you want to, to get involved. Here’s a quick cross section of people who’ve joined …










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